Take control of your company's digital campaigns

In larger companies it may be difficult, or even impossible, to keep track of all digital campaigns that are sent out. Therefore, we have developed eGenerator Plus - a unique solution for larger enterprises that need to customize their digital communications.

eGenerator Plus helps you get control of the communications distributed by your company. With smart connections between countries and departments, you will quickly get a comprehensive view of all communications, hence increasing your sales and improving your customer relationships at all levels. Everything is measurable and you can follow all the statistics in real time on the top account level - so that you can easily calculate the return on investment.

What is unique about eGenerator Plus?

  • Top account has control of what is sent out
  • All departments/countries can share content and campaigns with each other
  • A platform for companies with international operations, subsidiaries, franchisees or dealers
  • Get control over the company's shared database and statistics
  • Simplifies the work for the local marketing departments and retailers
  • Ensures that brand communication is uniformly presented, regardless of the sender
  • Get an overview of all communications that are digitally distributed
  • Easy to implement in international organizations
  • eGenerator Plus is available in Swedish, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Portuguese
eGenerator Plus

Why eGenerator Plus?

eGenerator Plus not only gives you a valuable overall picture of who your customers are and what they do but you also get a 360-degree view of the communications sent to customers. You can feel confident that all communications sent to the customers are according to your corporate branding.

What our customers say

Seco Tools is one of the world's largest manufacturer of cutting tools. With operations and representation in over 60 countries and with over 5,000 employees there was a challenge of how to standardize Seco Tools' communications worldwide and gain control of the group's digital communication.

The solution

With the help of eGenerator Plus, Seco Tools’ central marketing account is linked with local accounts. The central marketing organization can thus share pre-built templates and images that are preset in terms of fonts, logos and colors directly in eGenerator. Statistics from the local campaigns is shown in the central marketing account in real time.

"The use of eGenerator Plus has resulted in control over the group's email marketing and we ensure that all communication follows the group's graphic guidelines and that it is personalized. Thanks to eGenerator Plus, we can get closer to our customer.”

Seco Tools

Christian Eriksson, Digital Marketing

eGenerator API

The eGenerator API helps you to synchronize your customer base, CMS, CRM and e-commerce. Your customer base will automatically be updated and you will not have to import and update lists manually. Our experienced consultants can help you implement, test and assure the quality of the installation.

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